About Us

Our Mission

MessageNet systems provides impactful and life-changing communication and security solutions to resolve the daily and emergency communication challenges organizations face.

Who We Are at MessageNet systems

Founded in 1991 as Orchid Systems, MessageNet systems took on its new name in 1996. From the start, we have been developing innovative communications systems and software that connect public and private communications. We are continually working to develop solutions that enhance and extend the use of multiple communication technologies. MessageNet systems has worked with and provided emergency notification systems integrated with everyday communication systems for clients in a wide range of fields, including education, manufacturing, security, defense, medical, and government.

MessageNet Connections by MessageNet systems unifies public, private, everyday, and emergency communication using the technologies a company already has. Specifically, our system communicates via cell phones, land line phones, SMS texting, the Internet, PA systems, e-mail, scrolling computer pop-ups, HDTVs, digital signage, giant voice systems, outdoor electronic signage, two-way radios, and more.

Today, from our office in Carmel, Indiana (suburban Indianapolis), our team remains focused on ensuring that the emergency and everyday communication and security needs of our customers are met through Connections and the systems and devices connected to it. At MessageNet, we are also active in developing new products and applications while we continually improving our existing products. Through our efforts, we look to increase our customers’ communications, safety, and security abilities every day, making them feel stronger, more secure, and confident.

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